Fee Schedule

Effective as of: Jan 01, 2018

Service Description Fee
Check Cashing $5.00
Aggregate balance of $1,000.00 no fee
Money Order (each) $3.00
Gift / Travel Money Cards $5.00
Reload Travel Gift Card $2.00
Cashier Draft / Member (each) $5.00
Cashier Draft/ Non Member (each) $25.00
Wire Transfer Out (each in US) $25.00
Withdrawals from Share Savings (After 3 per month over the counter) $10.00
Christmas Club Withdrawal (each)after using one free per quarter $10.00
One withdrawal per quarter free
Electronic Teller (ET Teller Line) $0.25
No fee for transfers. No fee for first 12 inquiries, thereafter .25 (Each access code entered is an inquiry.
ATM $1.00
Use of Terminal other than iTrust FCU. Each inquiry, withdrawal or transfer.
Replacement of ATM Card (No fee if defective or worn) $15.00
IAT International ACH Transaction $15.00
Handling charge for checks shipped to Credit Union Office $2.00
IRA Account Balance Below $500 (monthly) $10.00
IRA Early Withdrawal (prior to age 59.5) each withdrawal $25.00
Account Statement Printout (each page) $1.00
Fax (each page) $1.00
Notary $5.00
Account History or Check Copies (each page) $5.00
Researching / Reconciling / Balancing Account ½ hour minimum $25.00 per 1 hour
Account Verification (each request) $20.00
Returned Deposit Item (each) Drawn on Third Party Account $15.00
Returned Deposit Item (each) Drawn On Your Non-iTrust Account $35.00
Returned Loan Payment Check (each) $35.00
Returned Mail (each piece) $5.00
Share Draft/ach/atm/pos/Trust pay overdrafts manual posting $30.00
Trust Pay Overdrafts Cleared at the Counter $35.00
Items Returned for Insufficient Funds $30.00
Stop Payment $25.00 (per single item) or $35.00 range of items $25.00
Loan Payment Late Charge 5% of monthly payment amount with minimum of $5.00
Release legal process $25.00
Dormant Account Fee $10.00
per month for account balance below $300.00
Close Account opened less than 12 months $25.00
Re-open Account Closed Less Than 6 Mos $25.00
Special Processing Required Close/Reopen Account $50.00