Personal Loans

iTrust Federal Credit Union offers several types of personal loans to meet your needs

Signature Loan

You may want a dream vacation or to consolidate some bills into one easy payment.  A Signature Loan may be the answer.  Signature Loans are made in amounts up to a maximum of $10,000 based on creditworthiness with a percentage of verifiable annual income.  Your signature is literally the only thing used to secure this type of loan.

Amounts authorized under the signature loans are based on credit history and ability to repay.  

  • Rates are determined by Risk Based Lending Categories.

  • No loan advance will be made for less than $500.

  • No collateral necessary

Share Secured Loan

Share-Secured Loans are those made using the funds a member has on deposit in a share account (with exception of share draft or IRA) as collateral for the loan. The loan may be made for up to 100% of the balance in the collateral account(s), but no loan will be made for less than $500.  A pledge will be placed against funds to prevent withdrawal.

The interest rate will be 2% over the dividend rate being paid on the collateral account with a minimum of 3.25%. The minimum interest rate for Share-Secured Loans with a balance less than $5,000 is 5%.

Terms up to 36 months or, in the case of share certificate(s), not to exceed the maturity date of the certificate(s).  At least an annual payment must be made on the loan.