IRA Certificates

  • This program has been established to provide members with a variety of term investments which appeal to the diversity of demands.  Certificates for each type of IRA / ROTH / Educational are available.  Contact the Credit Union for more information.
  • To remain competitive and responsive to our member's needs, rates will be determined weekly based on published market rates.
  • The minimum deposit required will be: 

         A. $5,000 for 12-month and 30-month terms. 

         B. $2,500 for 6-month terms.

  • Dividends will be paid quarterly and transferred to the IRA accumulation account or may be compounded in the certificate account. *
  • A penalty will be imposed for withdrawals made before the maturity date.  The penalty may be waived by the CEO in cases such as the death or the declared incompetent of the member or in an extreme emergency.  *