• Keeping in touch with your money is as easy as picking up your telephone and calling. 
    **Please note you can use Online Banking with unlimited use, no fees, to access your account.

  • By calling TellerLine, our audio response attendant, you will know exactly when direct deposit or payroll deposits are made.

  • All you need is a Touch-Tone phone, the three digit Credit Union ID number (200), your PIN number,
    and your account number (which is the same account number you have always used, ex. 9999 add a zero, then hit the pound sign #). If you do not already have a PIN number, come by the Credit Union and sign-up today.

  • With TellerLine, you have access to your account 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • The system is menu drive and dynamic depending on the type of accounts that each member has.

TellerLine Number: 1-800-309-8559      Credit Union ID: 200